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Graphic Designer - Freelance

Civic Nation seeks a talented and driven Graphic Design Contractor to join our Communications team during the 2024 election cycle. This role involves designing marketing campaigns and collateral for Civic Nation, When We All Vote, and our growing family of initiatives. The position is remote and reports to the Design Lead. TIME COMMITMENT... This contract will run from July to November 2024. We are looking for someone who can commit at least 20 hours per week, with potential additional time from September through Election Day. RESPONSIBILITIES • Design graphics, illustrations, videos, and GIFs for social media, presentations, email invitations, postcards, publications, event collateral, and more. • Work collaboratively within a team environment on various projects across all of Civic Nation’s initiatives. • Understand and maintain brand guidelines, templates, iconography, typography, illustrations, and visual imagery for Civic Nation’s family of initiatives. • Organize and deliver final files for both print and digital assets • Troubleshoot technical issues in graphic files to ensure print and online quality and integrity. COMPENSATION & EXPENSES This work will be paid monthly, determined by the agreed-upon weekly hours and rate. We welcome direct conversations about compensation in our initial calls. Interested candidates should contact digital@civicnation.org or submit an application below with a link to your portfolio. About Civic Nation Civic Nation is a nonprofit ecosystem for high-impact organizing and education initiatives working to build a more inclusive and equitable America. Civic Nation shifts culture, systems, and policy by bringing together individuals, grassroots organizers, industry leaders and influencers to tackle some of our nation’s most pressing social challenges. Civic Nation is home to six national initiatives and campaigns: ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Change Collective, It’s On Us, SAVE On Student Debt, We The Action, and When We All Vote
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CEO of Civic Nation
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July 3, 2024

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