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Data Science - Student Service

Job Summary

The student in this position will work closely with an experienced data science mentor on both foundational and applied data science work to support the delivery and expansion of RCAC’s data science capabilities and services.

Foundational work will include the preparation of modular training materials and documentation for data science and machine learning, with an emphasis on integration with the RCAC clusters. The student may also develop and deploy new tools for data science on the clusters.

From an applied analytics perspective, the student will assist with various phases of the data science project pipeline from data gathering to model deployment to support internal analytics projects. Depending on student experience and interest, the student may also assist with select researcher engagements.

This project is intended to provide an opportunity for the student to operationalize their data science knowledge. How are data science concepts used in real life and how can we support how researchers do data science on the clusters? The student will also get hands-on experience working on a real-world data science project.


  • Foundational data science and statistics theory
  • Proficient in Python
  • Experience with standard data science tools and techniques
  • (Preferred) Previous real-world data science project experience
  • (Preferred) working knowledge of NLP and/or geospatial analytics


Currently pursuing a degree in a quantitative field

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