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Engineering Manager (SF Bay Area)

Engineering Manager (SF Bay Area)

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US, Remote

Look around you today, every store, home, hospital, school, was made possible by the coordination of architects and a team of professionals. They are charged with the responsibility of creating our shelters and yet, they are left with nothing more than Excel to manage their work. We're here to change that. 

What is Monograph?

Monograph is a firm performance management platform for architecture and engineering practices. Firms use Monograph to make quick and confident decisions about budgeting and resources to drive their practices forward.

Why Work at Monograph?

People first: Core to the team, we believe in people first, curiosity, and empathy. You'll be our ambassador and deploy your genuine value for relationships to drive success and happiness.

Build a company that will redefine architecture: Project management is just the beginning...we have big ambitions to help facilitate the entire design process from becoming the document source of truth to coordinating with consultants. You can shape the future of building design.

Work with some of the best product people in the world: We’re an innovative team of highly productive individual contributors with a strong design background. You will be doing some of the best work of your life.


We are seeking a talented engineering manager to join our founding engineering leadership team who can seamlessly integrate and drive impactful results from week one. You will start with a team of 5 engineers but we have an expectation to add others as we grow. Your primary counterpart will be your product partner and this role will report directly to the CTO.

So, what will you do at Monograph as an Engineering Manager?

  • Coach, build, and lead a diverse team of product-minded engineers.
  • Work closely with your product partner to ensure we're constantly improving our customers' experience
  • Provide both technical and product leadership, empowering your team to ensure high quality in both areas
  • Build and foster an inclusive, collaborative, and efficient culture.
  • Jump in and write code when opportunities arise - we are still small and early!

What skills do you need?

  • 3+ years as an engineering manager
  • 4+ years writing code and shipping product
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in accessible terms
  • Have demonstrated a track record of building high-quality products and managing high-performing teams
  • Listening -- great ideas can come from anywhere!

Learn more about our Engineering Team Principals:

  • Be pragmatic
  • Strive for simplicity
  • Develop in the open
  • Have bias for action
  • Don’t solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Build iteratively in small increments
  • Quiet ego
  • Fix problems, even when they are not created by you 

Interview Process

  1. Resume submission and cover letter review over email: Your first touch point is the initial email you send us. As a remote team, we value articulate, succinct expression of important points. This step may include follow up questions and clarifications.
  2. Phone call with Head of People (30 min): This will be an introductory call to learn more about you, what you’re looking for and if what you’re looking for aligns with what our team needs. You will have an opportunity to get some of your initial questions answered and learn more about the company and why we are filling this role.
  3. Video chat with our CTO (45 mins): Causal conversion to align on role and fit. This is your time to go deeper into the tech stack, product roadmap, team principals and role expectations.
  4. Peer interview (45 mins): Meet Monograph’s first engineering manager.
  5. Product interview (45 mins): Meet the your future product counterpart.
  6. IC interview (45 mins): Meet a staff engineer on your future team.


Compensation for this role is a target range of $185,000 - $205,000 depending on experience. 


You'll Love Our Benefits

🚀 4-day workweek 

🌡 Health, dental & vision for US-based employees and families

🖥 New laptop & equipment

🏋🏻‍♀️ Wellness Stipend

🎭 Innovative engineering and product culture

💰 Early-stage well-funded company

❤️ Inclusion and diversity as a company priority


Is this role only full-time? Can I work remotely?

We are a remote-first company.

What is the company culture like?

Our company values are People-First, Intentional Curiosity, Design-Driven, Do the Hard Thing, Ownership & Seriously Fun. 

Our CEO's thought on culture—read about it on Fast Company.

What efforts are you making to increase diversity & inclusion within your company?

With two minority founders and two new parent founders, we're focused on having a welcoming environment for all backgrounds and experiences. We actively source candidates from non-traditional backgrounds knowing that diversity in thought and education ultimately results in a better company. We also have solid work-life balance, knowing that there's a lot more in your life than just your job.

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Monograph is a provider of project management software tailored specifically for architects and engineers, offering comprehensive solutions including budget tracking, pricing, online invoicing, project planning, and time tracking.

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August 29, 2023

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