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FPGA Acceleration Software Engineer

Belvedere Trading is a leading proprietary trading firm proudly headquartered in downtown Chicago. Our traders work hard to provide liquidity to the market through their market-making activities and are the masters of a diverse set of commodities, interest rates, exchange-traded funds (ETF), and equity index options. From the beginning, we began iteratively investing in our proprietary technology and committing to building our systems from the ground up. Our trading models and software systems are continually re-engineered, optimized, and maintained to stay on top of the industry. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated efforts of our technology teams who utilize and perfect our innovative technology solutions.

High-performance proprietary development is the source of our success and competitive advantage at Belvedere, further fueling our passion for performance. We are a team driven by intellectual curiosity, seeking answers that will change not only how we trade in this technological age, but also the future landscape of the trading industry. We place a high premium on defining, developing, and deploying high performance trading software using a team-based, holistic development approach. We look for passionate team members that excel and their contribution is critical to our continued success.

Software engineers on our FPGA Acceleration Team work with hardware engineers, traders, and analysts to identify latency-critical operations that are well-suited for hardware acceleration. Effective solutions require creative thinking and a thorough understanding of the domain to work within hardware constraints. Additionally, our team provides guidance on best practices for reducing software latency to other teams where hardware acceleration may not be feasible.

What You'll Do

  • Design, develop, and optimize scalable, extensible trading applications, and deploy successful enterprise-level applications that can be leveraged across a variety of asset classes
  • Collaborate with hardware engineers to identify and offload latency-sensitive operations to FPGA
  • Design robust software that interfaces with custom hardware to accelerate the most important operations while operating within hardware constraints
  • Collect and monitor latency and performance data to identify new areas for improvement and ensure system health
  • Work alongside traders to develop and deliver scalable and highly available software systems
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our development process and reduce operational risk
  • Maintain, support, and troubleshoot critical trading applications
  • Deliver quality systems through automated testing and peer code review
  • Apply industry knowledge and technical skills in new and innovative ways
  • Encourage the use of best practices throughout the development process

What You'll Need

  • 5+ years of experience with C++ programming
  • A strong understanding of object-oriented design, data structures, and algorithms
  • Experience in high performance, multi-threaded, network-programming
  • Ability to take full ownership (design, implement, test, deploy, maintain) of projects
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Willingness to coach junior engineers in addition to teaching and learning from peers


  • A degree in computer science or any related engineering discipline
  • Performance engineering experience
  • Experience or knowledge from a comparable industry
  • Knowledge of TCP/UDP protocols with experience troubleshooting and optimizing network communication via kernel bypass (e.g.,OpenOnload)
  • Experience with Python programming
Women and underrepresented groups frequently apply to jobs only if they meet 100% of the qualifications.
We encourage you to break that mold and apply. No candidate is perfect; all have a lot to offer.
We welcome your application.

Core Values
The secret to our award-winning culture is our Core Values: Team Belvedere, Me In Team, Own It, Iterative Innovation, and Passionate Discourse. We live and breathe these values every day.

Our Stance
Belvedere is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to providing a non-discriminatory employment environment for its employees. Discrimination against employees and applicants due to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, military, and veteran status is prohibited. Belvedere encourages initiatives to increase diversity and provide equal opportunity to all applicants and employees. Belvedere is committed to providing a positive environment in which team members are treated with respect, dignity, and courtesy. Our firm believes in a dynamic culture of inclusion and diversity, where people thrive on individual and organizational characteristics, values, experiences, and backgrounds.
Please note that Belvedere Trading does not accept unsolicited resumes from search firms or employment agencies. Any unsolicited resumes will become the property of Team Belvedere. No phone calls, please.
Any questions regarding the virtual recruiting process, please reach out to recruiting@belvederetrading.com.
Work Schedule: Regular and reliable attendance during standard business hours with the ability to be on-site prior to the start of business on occasion
Amount of Travel Required: None

In today’s global market economy, those who most effectively meld technology with a passion for trading are those who will find success in identifying and capturing opportunities.

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August 4, 2023

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