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Senior Lead – Employee Experience

At M-KOPA, We Finance Progress.

The scale and impact of our work is massive. M-KOPA is a fast-growing FinTech company offering millions of underbanked customers across Africa access to life-enhancing products and services. From our roots as the pioneer in pay-as-you-go “PayGo’” solar energy for off-grid homes, we have grown into one of the most advanced connected asset financing platforms in the world, empowering a broad range of customers to achieve progress in their lives.

Our people reflect this mission; we pride ourselves in empowering our people to own their own careers and encouraging growth through our learning and development programs, coaching partnerships, and on-the-job training. As a collective, we value diversity, knowing every journey brings its own reward, and support each employee as they travel theirs. This includes our family-friendly policies, commitment to employee mental and physical well-being, and flexible working practices. Our aim is for every employee to be able to shape their own career, whilst helping shape the future of M-KOPA as we grow together.


This role presents an amazing opportunity for you to improve alongside our people team, which is passionate and driven to deliver excellent employee experience to staff through employee engagement programs in Learning and Development and Performance Management.

To be successful in this role, you will take a true partnership approach to your work, thoughtfully balancing the needs of the people team and the broader organization. You will also work with HR Centers of Excellence to develop and provide integrated people solutions and support the business.

You will report to the Senior Manager - Employee Experience.


Learning and Development

  • You will deliver the statutory, mandatory, developmental, and organizational change training requirements for all staff across all areas of the organization.

  • You will monitor regulatory requirements for staff training and competence and ensure that all requirements and subsequent changes are reflected in all statutory and mandatory training.

  • You will provide L&D solutions to support the organizational change and development outlined in the L&D strategy using a blend of methodologies, including computer-based, self-managed learning, remote management cascade, classroom, and on-the-job learning.

  • You will aid in the development and facilitation of relevant "in-house" training sessions and programs.

  • You will undertake the evaluation of all L&D interventions between one and three months following the event and report against agreed performance indicators.

  • You will coordinate the implementation feedback and development actions from performance reviews and associated support programs.

  • You will contribute to L&D communications using a variety of media, including mail, the intranet, and paper.

  • You will keep up to date with current thinking on training practices and methods.

  • You will answer training-related issues and provide high-quality customer service across the organization.

Employee Engagement

  • Implement employee engagement activities, e.g., company activities and cultural change, from concept to finish, observing the preferences of the company, and with the assistance and support of the Employee Experience team.

  • Collaborate with department heads and management on programs to maximize employee development, engagement, and satisfaction.

  • Conduct and analyze employee feedback, survey results, and other forms of employee engagement and employee satisfaction measurements; and identify knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.

Performance Management

  • Ensure the smooth running of a performance management process that focuses employee efforts on the achievement of our goals and sustainable, profitable growth.

  • Apply continuous improvement to our performance management process and implement strategies that promote both short-term and long-term growth for employees.

  • Manage all activities related to the performance management cycle and manage all communication, sensitization, and monitoring of the process in close collaboration with HRBPs to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to our needs.

  • Work with the HR Business Partners and compliance team to ensure cascading and education of employees following the performance management policies to ensure that the process is implemented.

  • Facilitate discussions with management through HR Business Partners to identify performance improvement programs and priority areas and help them track current performance, highlighting any areas of concern for immediate corrective action.

Talent Mobility/Career Development

  • You will help design the methodology for the assessment and development centers, together with HRBPS, i.e., PIPs and PDPs.

  • You will develop a specialized program for talents and identified employees [HIPO/HPF] and manage the HIPO/HPF program.

  • You will schedule and hold career opportunity discussions with selected employees frequently.

  • You will facilitate the smooth running of the Talent Marketplace, identify employees for mobility vacancies and opportunities, and run the system of rotations in the organization.

  • You will monitor and coordinate CROME, obtain regular feedback from program participants and mentors, and build a network of internal and external mentors.

Main Competencies

  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management or a related field.

  • Over three years of working experience in a related role.

  • You have digital skills and a proficient ability to use the Microsoft Suite of Applications.

  • You can interact and use image and video editing tools, online assessment, and feedback platforms.

  • Knowledge and practice of online and offline content development and management resources.

  • Comfortable with data analytics and has good experience with data manipulation using complex spreadsheets for reporting.

  • Good team player.

M-KOPA is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to assembling a diverse, broadly trained staff. Women, minorities, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

M-KOPA explicitly prohibits the use of Forced or Child Labour and respects the rights of its employees to agree to terms and conditions of employment voluntarily, without coercion, and freely terminate their employment on appropriate notice. M-KOPA shall ensure that its Employees are of legal working age and shall comply with local laws for youth employment or student work, such as internships or apprenticeships. 

M-KOPA does not collect/charge any money as a pre-employment or post-employment requirement. This means that we never ask for ‘recruitment fees’, ‘processing fees’, ‘interview fees’, or any other kind of money in exchange for offer letters or interviews at any time during the hiring process.

We are a connected financing platform that serves the financially excluded We believe that everyone should have the power to achieve progress in their lives and M-KOPA’s solutions unlock this power. Our financial offerings are designed for the rea...

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January 31, 2024

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