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Job details

Marketing Agency Director of Operations - Austin, TX

Job Overview

We are seeking a Director of Operations for a digital marketing agency, ideal for someone who excels in the fast-paced environment of early-stage startups. This role is designed for a driven individual who finds fulfillment in training and developing people, and who possesses a strong orientation towards efficient and effective processes.

About Right Customer

One of the industry's fastest-growing full-service digital marketing agencies. Working with notable brands such as Ryan Pineda, Keaton "The Muscle" Hoskins, FasterFreedom, Wholesale to Millions, Hamza Invests, and Billion Dollar Real Estate Investors to scale their businesses through strategic paid advertising, high-converting websites and innovative strategies.

Our Core Values

  • We're Relationship Driven

  • We Don't Take Shortcuts

  • We're Always Improving

  • We're Resourceful

  • We're Ambitious

  • We Tell it How It Is

  • Nobody is Bigger Than the Team


  • Operational Leadership and Management: Oversee daily operations, ensuring effective coordination between project managers and team leads, while maintaining high standards of operational excellence and addressing challenges swiftly to ensure departmental cohesion.

  • Employee Training and Development: Actively engage in the training, development, and coaching of employees, focusing on enhancing their skills and aligning their personal development with the company's strategic objectives.

  • System and Process Optimization: Develop, implement, and continuously refine systems, processes, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enhance operational efficiency and streamline fulfillment processes.

  • Performance Management: Establish clear performance goals, monitor team progress regularly, and implement strategic measures to ensure consistent achievement of objectives and high performance standards.

  • Hiring and Firing: Take a key role in both hiring and firing processes, utilizing insights to identify candidates who align with the company's culture and operational needs, and making informed decisions on personnel changes when necessary.

  • Financial Oversight and Optimization: Conduct regular reviews of financial statements and reports, applying analytical skills to identify and implement cost optimization strategies, ensuring the company's profitability and financial health.

  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with various departments, including finance, HR, marketing, and sales, to ensure a cohesive approach towards achieving the company's overarching goals and maintaining a productive work environment.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Actively contribute to the company's strategic planning process, providing valuable input on operational goals and leading the execution of these strategies to drive organizational growth and success.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Maintain clear, consistent, and effective communication with all stakeholders, including team members, senior management, and external partners, ensuring transparency and alignment on operational progress, challenges, and achievements.

  • Adaptability and Continuous Improvement: Demonstrate adaptability to changing business landscapes, proactively seeking opportunities for continuous operational improvement, staying ahead of industry trends, and adjusting strategies and processes to maintain a competitive edge.


  • Minimum of 5 years in operations or project management, preferably in a digital agency setting.

  • Experience in managing teams of 20+ members, adept at overseeing multiple concurrent projects.

  • A track record of being a driven leader who can motivate teams to achieve shared objectives, especially in fast-paced startup environments.

  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in innovative startup settings with a proactive, "whatever it takes" mentality.

  • Skilled in giving and receiving constructive feedback, fostering personal and team growth.

  • Passionate about developing employees and optimizing operational systems for increased efficiency and revenue growth.

  • Strong communication and leadership skills, essential for guiding teams and interacting with various stakeholders.

  • Experience in budget management, resource allocation, and project management.

  • Familiarity with a range of digital marketing tools and platforms.

  • Availability to work Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.


  • Unlimited Paid Time Off

  • Unlimited Sick Days

  • Performance-Based Bonuses/Profit Share

  • Health/Vision/Dental (By End of the Year)

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CEO of Talent Disruptors
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Full-time, on-site
May 11, 2024

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