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Product Marketing Manager

As a Product Marketing Manager at ZayZoon, you will help build a high-value/high-delivery product marketing function to serve business demand with full coverage across product pods, sales, success, and marketing. Our team will work across several specializations including positioning, messaging, segmentation, enablement, launch strategy etc, and we will effectively combine market, customer, and competitive research to build, advise, and enable on effective go-to-market strategies that drive product roadmap (adoption) and business goals (revenue, retention).

Key Responsibilities
  • You will be focused, first and foremost, on our Employee personas: 
  • owning progressive internal knowledge of this persona and segments
  • providing enablement to teams that work with these segments
  • launching products that are built for these segments 
  • Work 1:1 with our Product Management, UX, and Engineering teams in order to:
  • advocate for customer value during research, discovery, and pre-delivery
  • enable teams org-wide on new feature and product releases (or versions)
  • launch new features and products in order to drive usage and adoption. 
  • Work within product to ensure messaging, terminology, and taxonomy alignment across pods and teams (from first-touch attribution all the way to user experience) 
  • Own the go-to-market process end-to-end, including research, launch strategy, messaging, sales, and success enablement, and more, with shared ownership around usage, adoption, and revenue targets, also sharing responsibility with Product Management in order to validate net new products and features, working in stages toward PMF or GA
  • Work closely with our sales, success, and marketing teams in order to drive activation and “employee” persona adoption rates that meet quarterly targets through proactive enablement
  • Responsible for messaging and positioning for their attributed products and personas, ensuring that all marketing and lifecycle communications to both market and customer are effective and consistent 
  • Be a natural storyteller, developing both internal and external narratives to ensure that we are bringing both our teams and our market along with us as we build and deliver exceptional solutions
  • Develop our competitive intel program to better serve our product strategy, business strategy, and internal enablement efforts
  • Support our customer research and discovery work through consistent interviews, surveying, and reporting 
  • Contribute to the processes, frameworks, and internal working norms of the product marketing department, contributing to building a strong, high-value departmental presence within the business

Requirements for Success
  • 2+ years in a product marketing role (or equivalent product management, user research, or digital marketing roles) 
  • Experience with B2C marketing, activation, and retention
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Experience in fintech (payroll, payments, banking, etc) is a plus 


Candidates must be located in North America to be considered.

We are organized as a remote team, as such we are looking for candidates who can work effectively remotely. You must have access to a secure high speed internet connection and a secure workspace to ensure security of private information. This role is available on a permanently remote basis.

Please note that a final step in our hiring process is for candidates to arrange personal reference calls with former managers and others we may choose and undergo a criminal record check along with a basic security clearance due to the nature of our business.

We wish to thank all qualified applicants for their interest in joining our team! 

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April 13, 2024

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