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Anthropic is an AI startup public-benefit company dedicated to AI safety and research, aiming to develop dependable, interpretable, and controllable AI systems. The company was was founded by former members of OpenAI in 2021.

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About Anthrophic

Anthropic is an AI research company dedicated to developing reliable, interpretable, and controllable AI systems. Their flagship product, Claude, serves as an AI assistant adaptable to tasks of any scale. The company's research interests cover a range of fields, including natural language processing, human feedback mechanisms, scaling laws, reinforcement learning, code generation, and interpretability.

Operations at Anthropic

The human engines that drive Anthropic include teams in people, finance, legal, and recruiting. Drawing from diverse backgrounds such as NASA, startups, and the armed forces, their collective experiences contribute to making Anthropic an exceptional workplace. (Plus, they have a shared love for plants!)

Anthropic secures $450 million in Series C funding to expand the reach of its dependable AI offerings.

Anthropic was established with the goal of creating AI products known for their reliability, while also conducting research on the potentials and challenges of AI. CEO, Dario Amodei, says, “We are thrilled that these leading investors and technology companies are supporting Anthropic’s mission: AI research and products that put safety at the frontier. The systems we are building are being designed to provide reliable AI services that can positively impact businesses and consumers now and in the future.”

At the inaugural Anthropic Hackathon in San Francisco Listen to AI enthusiasts and discover what they create with Claude in this exclusive glimpse into the inaugural Anthropic Hackathon in San Francisco.
Total Funding
AMOUNT $4.51 Billion
VALUATION $18.4 Billion
Series A $124 Million
Series B $580 Million
Series C $350 Million
Series D $5 Million
Series E $2.75 Billion
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