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Apollo.io is a platform with a vast buyer database of 270M+ contacts and powerful sales automation tools. Trusted by 160,000+ companies, it has over 1 million users worldwide.

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Tim Zheng
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About Apollo Apollo is the #1-ranked Sales Intelligence & Sales Engagement solution on G2.

Apollo.io seamlessly integrates a vast buyer database comprising over 270 million contacts with robust sales engagement and automation tools, all within a user-friendly platform. It's a trusted solution utilized by more than 160,000 companies, including notable names like Autodesk, Rippling, Deel, Jasper.ai, Divvy, and Heap, boasting a global user base exceeding one million individuals. By assisting sales professionals in identifying their ideal clients and executing intelligent outreach strategies, Apollo empowers go-to-market teams to succeed in selling a wide range of products and services. Marking a significant milestone with a successful $100 million Series D Funding Round 🦄.

Why work in Apollo.io? The story behind Apollo.io

In the year 2015, two accomplished individuals emerged onto the scene: Tim Zheng, an MIT graduate who serves as the CEO, and Ray Li, a Harvard alumnus who holds the role of CTO. Together, they envisioned and created a groundbreaking method for ethically crowdsourcing the contact information that powers the sales teams of numerous companies. This vision gave birth to Apollo. Over the years, Apollo has witnessed remarkable growth and expansion. Today, Apollo.io boasts a global team of over 250 professionals spanning 21 countries, serving a user base that exceeds one million. The company has garnered immense appreciation from its clientele, holding top rankings on G2 Crowd in categories such as sales intelligence, lead intelligence, marketing intelligence, and sales engagement.

Centered Around Their Culture

Apollo has a strong affinity for individuals who are proactive, work collaboratively, and achieve results. However, they firmly believe that their culture transcends mere numbers! Within the Apollo community, there's a genuine celebration of what brings them joy. This includes the sharing of pictures of their cherished pets in the companywide #club-pets Slack channel and engaging in conversations about the books that have captured their imaginations in the #club-sci-fi-fantasy-books channel.

100% Remote... and sometimes they like to get together!

As a fully remote company, Apollo.io has team members located across the globe, with a notable presence in North America, India, and South America. The company recognizes that building personal connections sometimes requires in-person meetings, which is why they occasionally organize face-to-face gatherings, like their previous event in Cancun last year.

Employee Testimonials at Apollo
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Photo of the rising woman Jennifer Rhima Director of Partnerships at Apollo.io

Working at Apollo has been an absolute joy. The environment is fast-paced and challenging, and it’s a privilege to collaborate with some of the most brilliant and talented individuals I’ve ever met. Additionally, it’s a pleasure to contribute to a product that significantly impacts customers’ businesses and is genuinely beloved by those customers.

Series C Announcement Apollo.io has successfully completed its Series C funding round, marking a significant milestone in its growth.
Discover what is possible with Apollo
Discover what is possible with Apollo
Apollo.io, a comprehensive sales technology platform, secures $100 million at a valuation of $1.6 billion. During his time at his first startup, BrainGenie, a website dedicated to practicing math and science skills, Tim Zheng personally confronted the complexities of managing and growing a small business. Listen to the podcast
Media Mentions: Apollo.io on Forbes

Three accomplished members of the Forbes Business Development Council provide insights into the IT solutions they employ, elaborating on how these solutions assist them in achieving their objectives. Apollo.io has the honor of being among the esteemed solutions included in their discussions.

Transitioning from Sales-Driven Growth to Product-Led Growth | Discussion with Nexus featuring Tim Zheng from Apollo.io What prompted Apollo.io's shift from a sales-centric growth model to a product-centric growth model? Tune in to Tim Zheng (Founder & CEO, Apollo.io) in dialogue with Nexus as he unravels the details. Watch here!
Backed by Y Combinator (YC)

Established in 2015, Apollo.io stands as a lead intelligence and sales engagement platform, earning the trust of nearly 9,000 paying customers, ranging from burgeoning startups to major global corporations. Its community-driven data crowdsourcing approach not only provides users with extensive coverage but also upholds data accuracy.

Recognitions from G2
Check out how Apollo.io works Join the crew at Apollo.io, where the company helps sales teams find their ideal buyers and convert them into customers.
Helping sales teams find their ideal buyers and convert them into customers.