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Our mission is to help millions of people work for the best companies in the world, no matter their location. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Finding your dream job shouldn’t be limited by borders. Qualifications, not location, shoul...

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ChangemakerInnovatorRapid Growth
INDUSTRY Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
TEAM SIZE 1001-5000
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Inclusive & Diverse
Inclusive & Diverse
Collaboration over Competition
Collaboration over Competition
Growth & Learning
Growth & Learning
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Diversity & Inclusion
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Alex Bouaziz
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Compliantly hire anyone, anywhere, in 5 minutes with Deel

Deel is your one-stop shop for hiring, paying, and managing your remote team. We stay on top of local labor laws across the world to ensure compliance and mitigate risk so that you don't have to.

Consolidate all things HR with features created for your global team See you later 16 different HR tools. We’re simplifying every aspect of managing a global team, from benefits and equity to working visas and equipment. It’s one platform made to get you set up compliantly in just 5 minutes.
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Growing in a High Performance, Data-Driven, and Flexible Work Environment

7/21/2023 - Business Operations Manager
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I’ve been at Deel for nearly 2 years, and it has been my most fulfilling work experience yet. Here’s why: - High performance (and reward) culture: Deel's performance-centric culture surpasses what I've seen in prior roles within consulting and big tech. At Deel, people are enthusiastic about getting stuff done, and hard work is celebrated and commended. The leadership team is good about highlighting wins and the people contributing to those wins. It makes delivering project work all the more rewarding. - Good People: Deel is a testament to what can be achieved when you put smart, intelligent, and driven people all under the same mission. You will work with some incredible people who care about their work, colleagues, and customers. - Immersive work experience: The work at Deel is thrilling. You get to work a global product with extensive reach in a complex business landscape. It’s not without its challenges, but it’s exciting to be part of this journey, especially in a pre-IPO stage. - Remote and work-life flexibility: Deel encourages flexibility regarding how and when you work (so long as you complete your work!). Remote work isn't just tolerated; it's embraced, enabling you to operate across different time zones and integrate your work into your lifestyle. As with any startup, there are definitely periods of intense work, but the effort you put in equips you with the autonomy to dictate your working terms. - Decisions guided by data: As an analytically minded person, I admire Deel's reverence for data. Teams are open and responsive to robust analyses, tying narratives to numbers. Over the past two years, Deel has significantly enhanced its data infrastructure, and witnessing this transformation has been a rewarding experience. - Meticulous balance of structure and execution: What has impressed me about Deel is the continued implementation of structure within the company's organizational framework. Despite being a startup, Deel is beginning to display the strategic forethought of a mature organization, establishing robust systems that will help it grow to the next level.


- Rather than labeling the following as a con, I’d prefer to view it as a stepping stone in Deel’s continued growth. Continuing on the last bullet point above: as Deel finds itself in the exciting position of being a rapidly expanding late-stage startup, there is an inevitable evolution in its organizational structure. This transformation is important to foster greater coherence across departments. However, this transition does involve familiarizing oneself with a new standard, new processes, and adapting to new methods of collaboration with varying teams. - Remote work comes with its set of challenges, primarily mastering the art of effective communication in a virtual workspace. With Slack becoming your new office, it’s important to maintain open channels of communication with team members. There is definitely a learning curve, especially for those transitioning from a physical or hybrid work environment. Whether in-person, hybrid, or remote, the core principles of successful work on a team remain the same: ensure clear communication, foster a spirit of collaboration, and treat your colleagues with kindness and understanding.

We are a global collective of entrepreneurs who love to build and solve problems. Our team is made up of self-driven people spanning 90+ countries, a unified, yet diverse culture keeps us consistently learning and improving. We're curious, courageous, optimistic, fair, and thoughtful.

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Best Software Products, G2, 2023 Highest Satisfaction, G2, 2023

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