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Empowering people to help people. We make it easy to inspire the world and turn compassion into action.

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INDUSTRY Internet & Web Services
TEAM SIZE 201-500
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Inclusive & Diverse
Inclusive & Diverse
Diversity of Opinions
Diversity of Opinions
Collaboration over Competition
Collaboration over Competition
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Growth & Learning
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Transparent & Candid
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Mission Driven
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Social Impact Driven
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Passion for Exploration
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Tim Cadogan
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We’re here to help people help each other

GoFundMe is a fundraising platform driven by a supportive community. We hold the belief that assistance is a potent force, and that's why our commitment lies in ensuring a secure and user-friendly environment for individuals to offer and receive help effortlessly.

Start your career at GoFundMe and join a community that is dedicated to helping people help each other.

GoFundMe represents a global community of over 100 million individuals united by a common purpose: aiding one another. Their mission centers on enabling people to support each other and various causes, ensuring a secure and accessible platform for seeking assistance, whether for personal, communal, or mutual support. In 2022, GoFundMe formed a partnership with Classy, a prominent nonprofit fundraising software company specializing in connecting supporters with their cherished causes. This collaboration between GoFundMe and Classy has collectively facilitated the raising of over $25 billion since 2010, furthering their shared vision of becoming the most supportive platform globally.

GoFundMe is guided by its core values: This how they do it

- Consider Everything - Do the right thing - Spread empathy - Delight the customer - Give back

About GoFundMe

Within every individual, there exists a wealth of good intentions waiting to be expressed. At GoFundMe, the belief is steadfast that the innate desire to assist others, improve communities, or bring about change should never go unnoticed; instead, it should be shared with the global community. GoFundMe's mission revolves around making it effortless to inspire the world and transform compassion into concrete actions. By providing individuals with the necessary tools to share their stories far and wide, GoFundMe has cultivated a community comprising more than 200 million generous donors. Collectively, they have supported organizers in raising over $15 billion for causes close to their hearts—and this journey is just beginning. Explore the current job opportunities, join the GoFundMe team, and play a pivotal role in this transformative mission below.

Mission Driven: GoFundMe Gives Back Gives Back isn’t just a program. It’s the spirit of GoFundMe.

Started by GoFundMe’s founders, the Gives Back program puts our core values of spreading empathy and doing the right thing into practice. Over the years, we have given millions of dollars back to fundraisers that move us.

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GoFundMe operates as a platform that is dedicated to serving individuals from various backgrounds and life experiences. The company firmly believes in the importance of its teams valuing and embracing the unique voices and cultural diversity that reflects the world at large. The organization's strength is derived from its commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace where all employees feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to work, with the assurance of equal treatment and inclusion. GoFundMe's dedication extends to celebrating and elevating the vast array of human experiences represented within the company.

Look what help can do.
Look what help can do.
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CORNER OFFICE The GoFundMe C.E.O. Wants You to Ask: ‘How Can I Help?’Tim Cadogan helps individuals in securing funds for disaster relief and various charitable endeavors. Nevertheless, refrain from labeling it as a substitute for the societal safety net.

Quick Response: How CEO Tim Cadogan Led GoFundMe to Facilitate $15 Billion in Giving Since the beginning of the pandemic, GoFundMe has consistently served as a global platform for assistance. Throughout its existence, this for-profit crowdsourcing platform has enabled over $15 billion in giving, involving more than 200 million donations. Notably, it has attracted prominent figures such as Taylor Swift, the Dalai Lama, and will.i.am to participate. According to CEO Tim Cadogan, the key to the company's remarkable success lies in having a team of highly ambitious individuals dedicated to its mission. Cadogan emphasizes that what sets GoFundMe apart from other businesses is its focus on "people helping each other" rather than mere commercial transactions. He believes that asking for help opens up more opportunities than people often realize—a valuable lesson not only for GoFundMe users but also for businesses in general.
Join the Team | Careers at GoFundMe Your story matters, and now there's a new way to tell it. Record a 60-second video to connect with supporters, only on the GoFundMe app.
Become part of the mission to facilitate mutual support through rapid, secure, and community-driven fundraising efforts.
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