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We are trusted advisors and partners who lead with a people-first mentality!

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Our Story

At our core, we believe in and have lived through great transformations. Founded as a printing company in 1929, Goodway Group has evolved time and again to stay at the forefront of the marketing industry. Today, we offer holistic digital media strategy and execution and a sophisticated approach to data, insights and custom consulting services. Tomorrow, who knows?

Our Story

Goodway Group has a fantastic story to tell.  From our humble beginnings as a small print shop in 1929 to our current position as a leading digital marketing firm with a remote-first workforce, Goodway Group has always been a tale of innovation, adaptation, honesty, and amazing customer experience!  

Wholly independently and family-owned for 90 years by the Wolk family, Goodway has built our reputation in the industry by always being ahead of the curve and anticipating the changing needs of our clients.  This forward focus pushed our transformation from print to direct marketing and launched us into our hugely successful focus on digital.

Today, between our Chairman Dave Wolk and the dynamic leadership of our CEO Jay Friedman, as well as the rest of our amazing Leadership Team, Goodway is one of the most cutting-edge digital media companies in the country. 

We've successfully embraced a fully remote work culture for the last 12 years, and have employees in over 40 states in the US.  And while we're 90 years young, we possess an agile mindset, constantly working to up our game and provide even greater value to our customers and clients. 

More than a mere agency, Goodway Group resides at an intersection between marketing and advertising, sitting at the crossroads of media services, value-add industry partnerships, and ever-evolving proprietary ad technology, uniquely positioned for the future and all it brings!

Remote Work Works!

At Goodway Group, we have a "Top Talent Anywhere" philosophy: we want our teams to thrive and live their best life wherever that works for them, and in a place they love!  We've been doing it this way for more than 12 years, and are continually looking for opportunities to make it even better!

While we recognize remote work isn't for everyone,  we also know that as life gets busier and moves faster, the ability to work from a home office means less time getting to work, and more time having a life OUTSIDE of work.  Removing a commute means more time with families, friends, and all the things that make life fun.  We're not tied to where you work, because we know wherever that is, that is where you will show up best!

As part of our recruitment process, we talk in-depth to our candidates about not only the advantages of virtual work but also how we, as a company, successfully overcome those challenges. Our interviews rely heavily on video so you can get a feel for our leaders in their home environment and get a glimpse into what our "offices" look like to see how we interact firsthand! Don't be surprised if you see a pet or child onscreen: it's just who we are!

Goodway is proud to have one of the best, most creative, and flexible teams around!  We work hard to stay connected (we rely heavily on video here) continually strive to enhance how we communicate and provide transparency and trust to our teams, wherever they might be!


Curious about how Goodway makes Remote Work WORK?  Check out the video below to hear from our own CEO, Jay Friedman, and our VP of People & Organizational Development, Kandi Gongora!!  




Goodway Group’s Learning and Inclusion Initiative​

This is how we’ll RISE together with respect, inclusion, support, and equality:​ We’re committed to workplace diversity and to cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging through our everyday practices. We want to attract, hire, develop and retain the best talent, providing equal opportunities for all.​ While we acknowledge much work still needs to be done, we’re committed to moving Goodway forward. We value the unique life experience and perspective every person brings to our team.​

We respect our employees.

We understand everyone has something unique and valuable to bring to the team. Not only do we respect and encourage different perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, and choices – we value those differences because we understand they enrich our culture and lead to innovation.​

We foster a culture of inclusion.

As a caring family business, we want every person at Goodway to feel they’re part of the family. We want to create, nurture and preserve a work environment where everyone feels safe, welcome and heard.​

We support one another.

Being part of a team is understanding we’re all in this together. When you succeed, we all succeed. We support our team members and provide growth and development opportunities, enabling everyone at Goodway to perform at their best and achieve their professional and personal goals.​

We strive for equality and equity.

We believe everyone deserves equal pay, equal opportunity, and equal treatment regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, or religious beliefs.​



How We Succeed

Many companies speak to values.  At Goodway Group, we believe your values are only as effective as the behaviors that give them life!  We use Goodway Behaviors as a roadmap to success, and they are embedded in every part of what we do.

At Goodway, we embrace behaviors that put our values of Heart, Smart & Grit into action!

These behaviors speak not only to the kind of people we strive to be but together form our cultural roadmap to success.  Every week as an organization we focus on one of these 29 actions, and how best we can put them into use in our daily lives with both our teammates and clients.

Grow. Perform. Succeed.

We also know how valuable growth is to our employees, and have developed proprietary programs to help them not only to personalize and own that growth (including free access to LinkedIn Learning and other learning platforms) but also a structured program of goal-setting, ongoing monthly feedback, and rewards to celebrate their hard work.

Benefits & Perks

At Goodway, we care about one another — and that drives our commitment to holistic well-being. Our benefits and people initiatives help employees achieve good physical and mental health, build social connections, manage stress, plan for retirement, and continue to learn and develop.

While we are a remote culture spread across the country, we find ways to stay connected. Our Community Resource Groups bring people together around specific issues, so they can connect and support each other. But we don't stop there! You can laugh and play with us during Family Fun Fridays, learn a new skill by joining one of our clubs, or take a break to meditate or do yoga. And because we value learning and development, we have one "Off the Grid" day a month — no meetings, emails, calls, or instant messages so that you can fully focus on your development.

At Goodway, we also care about our communities. We know the combination of doing well as a company and doing good in our communities can bring about greater change than either on its own. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our Goodway Cares program.

Over the years, Goodway has developed expertise in a variety of business and advertising areas. We’re proud to share that expertise with small businesses and non-profits in our community.

Goodway Cares provides in-kind donations of selected services and expertise, not including monetary contributions or donated free media, to organizations in need. We can help these organizations effectively achieve their business goals through:

  • Digital Media Buying
  • Business Administration
  • Digital Media Operations
Goodway Group Awards & Accolades

#1 Best Place to Work, Ad Age, 2023 Best Place to Work, AdAge, 2022 Top 50 Programmatic Power Players, AdExchanger, 2022 Best Place to Work, AdAge, 2021

COVID-19 Response

Because Goodway Group was already fully remote, and thriving in a virtual environment for 12 years prior to the Covid-19 epidemic, we were well-positioned to do our best to keep our employees safe - most were already working from their homes.   

Our Goodway Teams, our people, are what make Goodway Group so special!  Making sure we could do as much as possible to support them and their families, in any way possible, was our first order of business.

Here are some of the great things we're doing WITHIN Goodway Group:

  • Communicate consistently, and transparently, about our response to Covid-19
  • Create and continue to update, an Employee Resource Kit, with as much information as possible to help keep our teams informed and updated
  • Created an Employee Assistance Fund for those facing imminent hardship within Goodway
  • Launched Family Fridays, Mindfulness Mondays, Virtual Yoga Classes, and Community Resource Groups centered on homeschooling, financial wellness, anxiety and stress relief, to keep our families together and our teams holistically healthy
  • Reopened our benefits enrollments for those wanting to make different financial choices during this crisis

From a business continuity position, we were actually in a position to offer our expertise not only to our clients but also to other businesses in our community (and even our competitors) to adjust to a remote workforce.  Below are some resources you may find useful:


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Great place to develop career relevant skills

8/2/2023 - Internal Communications Specialist
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Goodway offers access to an array of learning and development resources that can support your career growth within the company. They even provide 1x1 coaching with an L&D (Talent Success) member to help you align your goals to learning paths. If you take advantage of the resources, you could have the opportunity to work in different areas of the business or advance within your field of expertise. The company was fully remote long before the pandemic, so Goodway is ahead of many organizations that recently switched to virtual or hybrid environments. There is a reasonable amount of flexibility offered, so it's easy to schedule appointments outside of work. They also provide unlimited PTO with minimum requirements to ensure people are taking time away. Plus, there is a generous holiday calendar and perks like a month-long paid sabbatical for employees reaching their seventh anniversary. There are at least two in-person companywide events every year. These trips are carefully planned and balanced with learning sessions, leadership presentations, internal networking, and time to connect with your team. You also get to explore cities and enjoy unique experiences. The leadership team cares about employees, listens to feedback, and makes improvements where possible, keeping business needs and their clients in mind.


Goodway's culture is fantastic at the company level. Most people are kind, brilliant, and supportive individuals who strive to do great work as a team. However, some less positive micro-cultures exist, and your experience is significantly impacted by your team or teams you work with frequently. This can be especially challenging in a remote setting.

🏆 AdAge’s #1 Best Place to Work, 2023 🏅 AdAge's Best Places to Work Winner, 2022 🏅 AdAge Best Places to Work Winner, 2021 Audience Design. Performance Paid Media. Dynamic Creative. Measurement and Analytics. Custom Technology. Consultative Services. Goodway Group is the full-service data-driven digital marketing solutions partner you can trust to drive measurable outcomes. Agility and speed are core to Goodway Group’s DNA: With over 90 years’ experience adapting and evolving, the Goodway team can help modern marketers successfully navigate digital transformation and disruptions. Powered by the brightest humans, purpose-built technology and an award-winning virtual work culture, Goodway delivers innovative, result-yielding digital marketing strategies to our clients across the nation in 40 states and counting and around the globe. Find Goodway Group online at

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