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KAHINDO is a sustainable and ethical luxury brand designed in New York & produced in Africa using fair trade practices.

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INDUSTRY Apparel and Fashion

KAHINDO is an ethical luxury fashion brand based in New York. The brand embraces original prints and vibrant colors, paying homage to the rich heritage of African fashion while incorporating a modern aesthetic. The clothing line is ethically produced in Africa, with a focus on empowering women and helping them overcome poverty. KAHINDO's mission is to create stylish and sustainable fashion while making a positive impact on the lives of African women. KAHINDO is carried in major U.S. retailers Anthropologie, Shopbop, Nuuly and Rent The Runway and has been featured in WWD, Glamour, Vogue, Harpar’s Bazaar and The Cut.

About the Designer

Kahindo Mateene is a creative visionary and the founder of KAHINDO, a New York-based ethical luxury fashion brand. Her namesake brand draws inspiration from her Congolese heritage and African upbringing, infusing it into each design. Established in 2017, KAHINDO is committed to ethical practices and is proudly Made in Africa, using fair trade principles. Kahindo pursued her passion for fashion by graduating from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Her diverse background includes being born in Uganda, receiving education in Kenya, and living in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Niger. This multicultural exposure has greatly influenced her design aesthetics and global perspective. Driven by her desire to create job opportunities for women in Africa and share the vibrant spirit of the continent, Kahindo leverages her brand as a vehicle for empowerment and cultural exchange. KAHINDO's luxury designs reflect her African heritage while embracing contemporary influences, challenging stereotypes, and celebrating the richness and diversity of African cultures.

Work with Our Founder: Kahindo Mateene

Kahindo's talent and dedication to ethical fashion have garnered industry recognition. She part Furthermore, Kahindo has continued to enhance her expertise and network in the fashion industry. She graduated from the Workshop at Macy's program in 2023, which equips emerging fashion entrepreneurs with knowledge and resources for success. In 2021, she was honored as a Tory Burch Fellow, further highlighting her commitment to empowering women and promoting sustainable fashion practices. In summary, Kahindo Mateene is a visionary designer and entrepreneur who merges her passion for fashion with her dedication to ethical practices and cultural exchange. Through KAHINDO, her luxury fashion brand, she is making a profound impact by creating job opportunities for women in Africa and sharing the soulful essence of African heritage with the world. Her work has garnered significant acclaim and recognition within the industry, positioning Kahindo as a leader in the ethical luxury fashion movement.

From Project Runway to Now with Kahindo Mateene of KAHINDO Season 1 Finale! Kahindo Mateene is the founder and creative director of Kahindo, a luxury women’s wear fashion brand designed in NYC, ethically produced in Africa and available on Rent the Runway and Industrie Africa. She is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and founded the KAHINDO brand in 2009. Kahindo is passionate about weaving her African heritage into her collections and empowering women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, both in her native country and around the world. She was a part of the Macy’s esteemed fashion incubator program and a contestant on season 12 of Project Runway.
TheKnot.com featured KAHINDO in their story, "25 Destination Wedding Guest Picks for Every Location."

Kahindo Kisumu Romper - In the form of bold patterns and vibrant colors, Kahindo celebrates the legacy of African fashion with a modern twist. This romper is the outfit. One and done, it has all the color you need to make an impact.


KAHINDO values and celebrates creativity by collaborating with local African artists to develop exclusive textile prints that embody vibrant colors and are transformed into wearable pieces. The brand believes in the power of creativity to make the modern woman feel confident and regal.


KAHINDO is committed to sustainability and responsible practices. The brand works closely with local organizations that support refugee women, providing them with job opportunities in a safe work environment and fair wages. KAHINDO aims to align its business practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on sustainable sourcing and ethical production.


Women are at the heart of the KAHINDO brand. From the women who produce the clothing to those who wear it, KAHINDO seeks to empower women and foster confidence. The brand acknowledges that its accomplishments are a result of the incredible community of women involved in every aspect of the brand.


KAHINDO takes pride in honoring and showcasing the rich culture of Africa, its unique history, and the continent's powerful beauty. Each piece reflects the essence of African heritage through one-of-a-kind prints and thoughtfully-selected color palettes. KAHINDO celebrates the diversity and richness of African cultures in its designs.

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Authority Magazine x Medium.com did a full-length feature on Kahindo Mateene and the brand titled, "Female Founders: Kahindo Mateene of KAHINDO On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder."

Kahindo Mateene, the creative visionary behind her namesake brand, KAHINDO, which is a New York based ethical fashion brand that is inspired by her Congolese heritage and African upbringing and ethically Made in Africa using fair trade practices. Mateene, a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, founded her brand in 2017, and strives to use her brand as a vehicle to create job opportunities for women in Africa while sharing the heart and soul of Africa with the rest of the world.

Kahindo - African Fashion International | AFI - Joburg Fashion Week 2019 #Africafashion KAHINDO is a contemporary womenswear brand creating vibrant statement pieces with a resort feel. The colorful pieces bought originally for a vacation will quickly turn into closet staples. The brand was founded by Kahindo Mateene in 2009 and features feminine and sexy design alongside bold colors and unique prints inspired by the designer’s African heritage, globe-trotting adventures and surroundings in New York. A graduate of the Illinois Institue of Art in Chicago, Mateene was selected to take part in Macy’s Chicago Fashion Incubator program and was also one of the contestants in season 12 of Project Runway.
Founded by @kahindomateene Made with love & pride in Kenya