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Our mission at Patreon is simple: We power creators to do what they love, and get paid by the people who love what they do.

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Inclusive & Diverse
Inclusive & Diverse
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Transparent & Candid
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Growth & Learning
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Diversity of Opinions
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Mission Driven
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Rapid Growth
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Dare to be Different
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Collaboration over Competition
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Jack Conte
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Great company; regularly recommend it to friends

2/26/2024 - at San Francisco, CA
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Leaders/people in Eng/Product and many ops functions are really good, company has an impact on the world that you can feel proud of, the growth potential is strong


The sales and marketing functions have been turbulent for years (but there’s real hope of that improving under the new COO), current growth is ok but hoping that it’ll improve this year
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Top 10 Startups to Work for in 2016, icreon, 2016

Patreon Careers
Patreon Careers
Empower Creators and Creatives About the Company

Patreon represents the foremost platform for creators to foster thriving communities with their most devoted fans, offer exclusive content, and convert their passions into enduring creative enterprises. Hundreds of thousands of creators, spanning diverse realms including video production, podcasting, music, writing, game development, and more, are achieving creative satisfaction and financial autonomy on Patreon. They are directly empowered by fans who wholeheartedly appreciate their contributions. Patreon's ultimate vision? A future where creators exercise control over their artistic endeavors, nurturing vibrant and genuine communities.

Patreon's Company Mission

We’re proud and motivated that creators come to Patreon for creative freedom and ownership. We take that responsibility seriously, and have fun fulfilling that mission together.

At Patreon, we spend every day building toward a future where creators are in control and real community thrives. It’s a future where creators can make what excites them most without having to worry about feeding an unpredictable, ever-changing algorithm. And it’s a future where fans and creators have a direct line of access to one another, with nothing standing in between. If you want to dive even deeper into our vision, we’ve partnered with creators Theo Garnot and Gregcicle’s Greg Edwards to build an interactive artwork, narrated by Jack, all about the biggest problems creators face… and how we’re planning to solve them

Say hi to Alex Golec, Patreon's engineering manager

Find out how our Engineering Manager Alex became a Patronaut, his favorite part of his job, and how he puts creators first.

Careers at Patron: the Agenda Spotlight

At Patreon, there are several employee-led groups dedicated to fostering connections among the team that go beyond their collaborative efforts. These groups have a primary focus on building a sense of community around shared identities and significantly contribute to defining how team members support each other.

The Journey of Patreon: From Startup to $4 Billion | Founder Effect Jack Conte wasn't the stereotypical struggling artist scraping by when he stumbled upon the concept of Patreon. He and his wife's indie band, Pomplamoose, were raking in approximately $400,000 annually during their peak. However, after investing three exhaustive months and pushing his credit cards to the limit to create a sophisticated music video for their song "Pedals," Jack found himself burnt out, sitting in solitude, and literally shedding tears of exhaustion. It was in that moment that he became convinced there had to be a more effective way for creators to be compensated for their work. Today, Jack, along with his co-founder Sam Yam, is carefully evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of taking Patreon public.
How Patreon Started

In 2013, musician Jack Conte faced a dilemma. Although millions of people were enamored with his YouTube videos, he was only seeing a mere few hundred dollars in his bank account. The numbers didn't align, prompting him to reach out to his friend Sam Yam. Together, they embarked on the journey to create Patreon, a fresh approach to bridging the gap between talented creators and those willing to support their work financially. Since then, the Patreon team has been dedicated to empowering creators and shaping their destinies by fortifying the connection between them and their communities. Today Patreon stands as the premier platform for creators to establish a thriving community with their most devoted supporters, share exclusive content, and transform their passions into enduring creative enterprises. Creators can initiate their Patreon presence without incurring any initial costs, and the same applies to their fans.

Who are the founders of Patreon?
Photo of the rising woman Jack Conte CEO

After completing his studies at Stanford with a degree in Music, he ventured into the realm of online musical content creation on YouTube with Pomplamoose, an endeavor that predates his founding of Patreon.

Why Creators Matter, with Jack Conte of Patreon At his essence, Jack embodies the spirit of a creator. Despite the success of his music group, Pomplamoose, on YouTube, he recognized a fundamental flaw in the process of translating his fans' attention into income. In response, he established Patreon, a membership platform designed to facilitate creators in earning direct income from their most devoted supporters. Since its inception in 2013, Patreon has disbursed over $1 billion to creators using its platform. Jack elaborates on why the notion of the struggling artist is outdated, his unwavering commitment to outworking the competition, and the valuable insights all creators should consider when engaging with their fanbase.
In the press | Patreon on PR Week

Patreon welcomes Brielle Villablanca, previously the Global Head of Communications at Twitch 🎮, as their newly appointed Vice President of Communications and Creator Advocacy 🎉. In her new role, she will be responsible for managing communications, social media, events, and community-related matters.

Join the team who are building the future of creators and communities Patreon is the leading platform where creators can cultivate memberships, offering exclusive access to their content and fostering stronger connections with their communities.
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