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#TacoBoutGood! Bringing you the true taste of Mexico, one delicious bite after another, since 1976.

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Original Recipes from Mexico!

Started by ‘Mama’ Socorro and Jaime Herrera in a converted 10 x 10 outdoor shoe shine shack, Yuca’s aka the Hut, became known for its Yucatan-style cooking and community involvement.

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Taste the authentic Mexican flavors that have brought generations of families together to enjoy delicious meals since 1976!

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Yuca's Tacos Rosey meets with the “mayor” of Los Feliz, Dora Herrera of Yuca’s Tacos, an unassuming culinary institution serving Yucatan-style soft tacos, burritos and burgers in an 8-by-10 foot former shoeshine hut. Rosey savors every meal — including the James Beard award-winning cochinita pibil — from the menu and learns what it means to truly serve and represent a changing community through the span of 40 years.
Taco 'bout good! Serving L.A. great food since 1976.