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Dental Hygienist

Looking for a Dental hygienist who like to work in private practice with great team culture.

If you like to stay busy and have a fun with team, this is a job for you :)

This is a busy private practice with PPO adult patients, not as many kids.

We like to hold each other accountable and we believe strongly in prevention care such as Fluoride, Sealants.

Working hours are: M,Tue: 8-6, Wed: 7-12, Thu,Fri: 8-5 (4 days/week option available as well)

Benefits: 401k, health, dental, vision, life, PTO, paid holidays

If you are a team player who don’t mind helping wherever you are needed, we like to bring you onboard! Apply today.

We are a private group practice focused on providing quality care at comfort and convenience.

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March 28, 2024

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