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Experienced Software Engineer, Network Enablement

The Network Enablement team is developing an end-to-end consent and privacy management system along with diverse data insight products for consumers, customers, and financial data partners, fostering a user-friendly and compliant open finance experience while enhancing Plaid’s network value.

We are looking for a team member to design, build, and scale up the Open Finance products. In addition, this person will also be expected to set the technical direction for the team to solidify Plaid's leading position in CFPB 1033 compliance and increase our network value. Additionally this team member will provide feedback on technical designs, product requirements, and conduct code reviews. You will also mentor/help grow engineers on the team and partner with the Engineering Manager on planning and goal-settings.

  • Developing solutions that make a difference for consumers, fintechs, and financial institutions.
  • Collaborating with cross functional stakeholders.
  • Working on both the 0 to 1 stage and the 1 to 10 stage of problems.
  • Having an industry impact with the system you designed and implemented.

  • Product sense and understanding of customer needs.
  • Passion for both prototyping early-stage products and scaling them up with robust platform solutions. 
  • Ability to be hands-on by contributing to system architecture and through individual code contributions.
  • A successful record of mentoring junior engineers and help them grow. 
  • Experience of building data-intensive products, involving offline ETL, online serving, and public facing APIs. 
  • Experience of implementing modern risk/compliance/privacy management systems.

$182,520 - $297,000 a year
Target base salary for this role is between $182,520 and $297,000 per year. Additional compensation in the form(s) of equity and/or commission are dependent on the position offered. Plaid provides a comprehensive benefit plan, including medical, dental, vision, and 401(k). Pay is based on factors such as (but not limited to) scope and responsibilities of the position, candidate's work experience and skillset, and location. Pay and benefits are subject to change at any time, consistent with the terms of any applicable compensation or benefit plans.
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CEO of Plaid
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Zach Perret
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Plaid’s mission is to unlock financial freedom for everyone.

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July 11, 2024

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