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Job details

Lead Product Manager - Management One

About Us

Management One is a bootstrapped, profitable, 100% remote, ~20 person team of thoughtful individuals who value autonomy and impact. We’re committed to delivering a product our customers rely on to grow and sustain their small businesses.

At Management One, we're taking the foundation of a 30 year old business and bringing it into the modern era. With our roots as one of the only outsourced inventory planning services, we've built a unique and proprietary database of independent retail that can facilitate better and more timely insights and forecasts. Our goal is to serve independent retailers with inventory planning and education that empowers them to be the best retailers in their communities.

Our Product team is small and packed with potential. We have a large user base to explore and improve user experience to extend lifetime value as well as drive new growth. We're seeking a Lead Product Manager to help accelerate product development at Management One from idea through launch and work closely with our Engineering, Marketing, and customer-facing teams.

About You

We’re looking for someone with a customer obsession - someone who needs to understand the why of customer behavior to deliver the experience that helps the right customers accomplish their goals. Someone who can synthesize various use cases into clear problem statements. Someone who cares deeply about product details, has a  sense of product aesthetics, and can debate others in an upfront but respectful manner. 

As a small PM, Design, and Engineering team you'll be responsible for all aspects of delivering a feature — from concept through discovery and development up to managing its delivery. 

What you’ll do...

  • Turn vague into concrete. Talk with customers to discover & define their needs, understand their problems, and document their use cases. 

  • Write problem statements that clearly define shared needs across customers.

  • Create detailed product specs from your problem statements through collaboration with other teams.

  • Project manage the delivery of the feature — get it on the engineering roadmap and ensure it's delivered on time and up to the Product team's standards. 

  • Prepare for launches: work with the Support, Success, and Marketing teams on positioning/collateral, manage beta testers, and go-to-market activities.

  • Own the data: define adoption/usage metrics, measure success, collect feedback, monitor impact, and share learnings.

You should...

  • Be working on an American Time Zone

  • Have 4+ years of Product Management experience shipping B2B SaaS for SMBs.

  • Have 6+ years experience at software companies in a product, engineering, or customer-facing role.

  • Love listening to customers and diving deep into their problems and needs.

  • Be detail-oriented, organized, and great at writing.

  • Have good product vision & design sense. 

  • Be comfortable writing specs, drawing wireframes, & rapidly iterating on new feature ideas.

  • Have experience with metrics/analytics tools.

  • Be growth minded; pushing to ship Product that focuses on moving the needle.

Why Management One?

  • 100% remote company

  • Unlimited PTO with expected minimum days taken to ensure healthy work/life balance

  • Medical, Dental, Vision with HSA option (US residents)

  • 401k matching (US residents)

Our Values

  • Curiosity -- Asking why and going deeper into problem statements

  • Adaptability -- Listening to see where the puck is headed so we are solving on relevant problems

  • Collaboration -- Open to learning and improving from others by working with them 

  • Build a house you want to live in -- Examine long-term thinking and action

  • No Politics – Practice transparency and honesty, especially when it’s hard

Product Management
February 11, 2024

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