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Software Engineer Intern

At Athelas we're bringing simple, life-changing health care products and medical billing services to people around the globe.

In addition to our established Remote Patient Monitoring business, we introduced a rapidly expanding SaaS Revenue Cycle Management solution in 2022 that provides revenue intelligence for hundreds of healthcare businesses from small clinics to large health systems. Our state-of-the-art dashboard, Athelas Insights, provides practices with an unparalleled understanding into their financial health to help them with all aspects of RCM, including eligibility, rejections, denials, as well as coding optimization and more.

To keep pace with our remarkable momentum - having seen a 5x increase in revenue over the past 6 months with more exponential growth on the horizon - we're actively seeking new, high-impact team members looking for a challenge!

We've raised $132 million at a $1.5 billion valuation from top tier investors such as General Catalyst, Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, and Initialized.

On-site 5 days a week in Mountain View, CA. Opportunity to transition to full-time.

What You’ll Do

  • Build end-to-end products to improve the revenue cycle management process for providers
  • Be fully embedded in a team of a tremendously fast-paced team that celebrates fast execution and decisions
  • Work across the entire software stack that includes Python, React Native, Flask, and Kubernetes 

What You Have

  • Comfortability on both the frontend and backend
  • Great product sense
  • Attention to detail around user experience and customer needs
  • Extremely motivated to grow and build high-priority projects
  • Very motivated to ship improvements at a high velocity and produce high-quality product quickly

Why You'll Like Working with Athelas

  • Execution focused, driven team: Join a team with an incredible record - we are the smallest, fastest company in history to receive FDA hematology clearance. We are also the largest Remote Patient Monitoring company in the US, with a fast-growing SaaS Revenue Cycle Management business as well
  • Technology Focus: Revolutionizing how technology can be used in the healthcare industry
  • Strong Backing: $132M Series B raised from the likes of Sequoia, General Catalyst, Tribe, Y Combinator
  • Mission Driven: We are changing the way healthcare is provided, bringing it directly to the people who need it with technology-enabled solutions
  • Incredible Growth: 5x revenue growth in just the past 6 months and we're just getting started

Digital tools made for modern healthcare organizations.

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October 4, 2023

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