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Job details

Purdue Convos Event Production Intern - Student Clerical

Job Summary

The primary role of the Event Production Intern position is to support the Purdue Convocations Artist Relations and Education Manager. The goal of this position is to give students valuable real-world experience in a multi-disciplinary performing arts presenting organization and the environment that entails. The Event Production Intern position should work 20 hours per week during the current semester. Those hours may be worked in any combination, at the discretion of the direct supervisor. The Event Production Intern position must be reliable, organized, responsible, and flexible. They must also be ambitious, detail-oriented, creative, and driven.

Compensation $11.25/hour
Hours/Week Weekly average, approximately 20 hours per week
Required hours may include days, evenings, weekends, overnight hours and holidays


The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in event production management, theater (on or off stage), dance, hospitality, and/or customer service.


High school diploma or equivalent and minimum of one semester of college coursework successfully completed
Must be actively enrolled at Purdue University
Previous work experience within event production management, hospitality, or customer service preferred
Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written
Flexible and dependable with a strong attention to detail
Problem solving, logic and reasoning skills
Customer service oriented
Ability to multi-task and work within deadlines
Ability to work independently and with a team
Be timely and organized

Position Responsibilities

Assist in the process to plan production details for visiting artists, working with touring production managers and local production staff
Assist with production details, artist requirements, contractual obligations on day of show – may include driving artists, shopping for events, set-up/tear-down, and other duties as assigned
Assist with production details/artist requirements during education, donor, and other special events
Exhibit friendliness, diplomacy, and tact in responding to customers
Maintain confidentiality and exhibit professional conduct when handling sensitive information
Responsible for all scheduled shifts and appropriate dress
Other duties as assigned – may include operational needs of Convos

Core Competencies

Students employed in this role will develop and demonstrate a number of transferable skills essential for future employment success and be reviewed on these skills in their performance evaluation.

Communication (Verbal, Written, Non-Verbal, Listen & Observe, Summarize & Distill Information)
Ways of Thinking (Systems Thinking & Planning, Reflective & Analytical Reasoning, Idea Generation, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Ethics)
Collaboration (Organization Behavior & Teamwork, Appropriate & Productive Relationships, Helping Other & Collaboration, Cultural Intelligence & Inclusion, Service & Social Responsibility)
Self-Awareness (Self-Understanding, Continuous Learning, Initiative & Follow-Through, Personal Responsibility, Resiliency)

Employee Class


Benefits Eligibility


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