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Senior Product Manager

Tremendous is the fast, free, flexible way to send bulk payouts to people in over 200 countries. Over 10,000 companies ranging from mom-and-pops to Google, MIT, and United Way have sent over $1 billion, saving 15 hours a month on average.

In both our product and our workplace, we’re intentional about making work more efficient, flexible, and fulfilling. Tremendous is a fully remote, high-documentation, low-meeting culture, which means more time for what matters in both your professional and personal life.

Our customers, who include marketers, UX researchers, HR teams and nonprofits, rave about how quick and easy it is to use Tremendous — check the ratings on G2. Yet there’s a lot of complexity under the hood, including over 2,000 redemption options and plenty of banking infrastructure. This duality makes working here a fun challenge.

We’re about 90 people, highly profitable without any investors, and have been doubling our revenue for a few years and counting. Join us before the next international offsite!

About the role

We’re looking for a fifth PM to join our team. The product team currently consists of our co-founder (who has been a Head of Product in a past role) and four senior PMs.

With ~25 engineers on our team (and growing), product management is becoming a bottleneck in producing high-quality output. We have extensive expansion plans to have 6-7 product squads by the end of the year, and most of them will need a dedicated PM.

You will

  • Manage our product roadmap. You’ll be working with stakeholders to help figure out what to build and when to build it. When there’s uncertainty, you’ll be expected to figure it out and generate clarity for the rest of the team.

  • Frame up problems. You’ll be expected to explain what problems we are solving and why. This helps our engineers and designers understand how to solve those problems.

  • Conduct research and analysis. In order to frame those problems well, you’ll need to collect supporting evidence–from user interviews, market research, and competitive analysis.

  • Collaborate without meetings. Tremendous has an async, non-meeting culture. This can be tricky for a PM who has previously been accustomed to doing work in meetings, which is the default at most organizations. Expect to do a lot of writing!

  • Persuade with a light touch. Not everyone will agree on priorities; it’s the PM’s responsibility to help drive to a decision in a way that everyone feels included in the process.

  • Report back on what’s working. Once we ship, you’ll be responsible for helping the team understand the impact of their work.

You have

  • 8+ years building and shipping web applications as a designer, engineer, or product manager at tech companies.

  • 5+ years as a PM in startup environments. You've spent at least 2 years at a growth-stage company.

  • The ability to take a long-term strategy and a big feature backlog and translate that into roadmaps.

  • The ability to manage uncertainty and ambiguity well. You can make decisive calls without enough information.

  • Empathy for users and a desire to talk to them about their problems.

  • Outstanding communication skills.

  • A light touch and team-first mentality. PMs at Tremendous are not the “CEO of the product” but rather are a supporting function for our builders.

  • Strong written communication skills. We’re a documentation-first culture.

  • Desire and ability to work autonomously and drive your work. Tremendous is not a great fit for people who default to waiting for instructions.

  • High empathy. You care about your teammates and our users. You can put yourself in their shoes.

What's cool about the role

  • You'll get to work with a top-notch team at Tremendous

  • You'll work on a fast growing team. Revenue has tripled over the last year, and the team size has grown quickly, too. Growth means more opportunities to learn and advance

  • Competitive pay and benefits. For this role, base salary ranges from $160,000 to $220,000.

  • We're a remote company. Work from wherever you want in the Americas — we have collaboration hours from around 12-3 PM Eastern time.

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