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Diversity & Inclusion
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John Peacock
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best place I've ever worked

9/29/2023 -
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- the people are really great — smart, driven, kind, welcoming - mission/domain is motivating and interesting - lots of internal transparency about co strategy and product decisions, i feel like i can raise any idea and it'll get to the right people and considered - good size; not overworked or underworked - great perks/benefits and comp - love virtual-first workplace with opportunities to meet up at HQ


- the HQ is really nice, but an additional San Francisco office or coworking space budget would be amazing for everyone who lives far from there but wants to meet up more frequently - i like that PTO is accrued because it helps align expectations, but 15 days for first year is less than prior tech roles

We know that one of the most important factors of a job search is finding a place where you belong. When joining Course Hero, you join a company that recognizes and embraces differences, builds trust, and creates space for you to use your authentic voice.

Learning is a space that hasn’t always been, but should be, intersectional and inclusive. Together we are fostering an inclusive culture and creating products by building relationships with community partners and local vendors. We are committed to increasing representation for historically underrepresented groups & acting on opportunities unique to Course Hero and Learneo.

In our efforts to foster education and support our employees, we host year-round cultural celebrations, focused heritage months, and employee resource group (ERG) gatherings.

Some of our ERG's are: 

  • Worldwoven: Supporting immigrants & allies
  • Queeroes: A place for LGBTQIA folks and their allies to connect and learn
  • Voces: Supporting Latinx & allies
  • Amplifly: A fun and inclusive space where we celebrate Asian culture and support each other through allyship
  • Raven: Supporting women & allies

At Course Hero, we strive to provide a safe space, where we are learning from each other, acting as allies and advocates, and advising on key moments and opportunities that connect back to our communities. We take a structured, bias-mitigating and inclusive approach to recruitment, something we hope all have felt in their interview process. We believe that things don’t stop here, that your personal sense of belonging and contribution to an inclusive environment at Course Hero is just beginning.

About Us

Course Hero is in the business of helping people learn and thrive. We are a group of passionate and curious problem solvers who believe in the importance of learning, and are energized to help improve the student learning journey every day. 

We are building student resources for this century. Our online learning platform offers over 100 million course-specific study resources created by and for students and educators, as well as 24/7 tutor help. 

Life @ Course Hero

At Course Hero, we offer an engaging high-growth environment, with a collaborative, learning-focused culture.

Course Hero goes above and beyond to invest in the people who work here. We know that an empowered, supported team of top talent is essential in our effort to help more students graduate, confident and prepared.

Course Hero fosters a healthy environment with an award-winning wellness program, provides professional development opportunities through manager trainings, on-site educator lectures, and continuing education/educational assistance reimbursement, as well as, exceptional benefits!


We’re partnering with educators and helping students achieve their academic goals.... Want to join us? If you share our passion for education and desire to impact the lives of more than 20 million students, you’ve come to the right place.

We are hiring across the board for engineering, product, design, and marketing. We are excited to invite you on our journey to help invent the future of student learning!


Product development is broken up into several product groups, each with multiple product teams. These teams are very similar to a Scrum team, and have a product owner, designer, and engineers.

Each team is responsible for an overall product area (such as our mobile clients, or our tutoring platform, for example), and is given a lot of autonomy and freedom to set their own roadmap and make decisions. In many ways, the team is like a 6 or 7 person startup inside our company. Of course, the primary goal is to make the full team of Course Hero successful, but we’ve found that small teams can do big things. We’ve tried to keep our process and overhead minimal by concentrating decision-making in these small teams.

Each team has a lead engineer who is responsible for understanding best practices and providing mentorship to the rest of the team. The leads from each team meet regularly about important issues facing their teams.

Our small but growing Machine Learning team works with each product team to find ways to leverage new models and algorithms in their development.

Tech Stack Description:

Each product team develops and deploys to production on a continuous basis. We typically push new code live 5 to 10 times per day. We encourage work to be done in small teams, and especially pair programming, but it’s not strictly enforced. We also have no full-time QA or testing -- the teams test their own code.

When a new project begins, no matter how big or small, a new code branch is created from master. (We use git for version control.) All work is done in this branch (or a branch from this branch), and one of our most important rules is that nothing is merged back into master until it has been code reviewed by at least two other engineers. We use Crucible for code reviews.

Most of our front end is developed in React and a custom SASS/CSS framework called Hodor. Most of our back end code runs in GO and PHP but we’re also building microservices in a variety of languages, including Python. We use Elasticsearch for our search product and build most of our ML models in TensorFlow and Gensim.

Awards & Recognition

We are proud of our award winning culture of inclusion, leadership, and work-life balance! This commitment to excellence has earned us consistent recognition, reflecting our dedication to fostering a positive workplace environment, and setting a standard that exceeds expectations.
Check out some of our recognitions below!

Go here to see a full list of our Awards!

Course Hero Awards & Accolades

Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 2023, Comparably, 2023 Great Place to Work Certified, Great Place to Work Certified, 2023 Best Company for Diversity 2022, Comparably, 2022 Best Company Work-Life Balance, Comparably, 2022 Best CEOs for Women 2022, Comparably, 2022