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Business Development (Remote)

United States - Remote OK Full-Time Business Development & Marketing

Jarvis ML’s mission is to be the most accessible and easy to use end-to-end machine learning platform. As a fully managed MLaaS solution, Jarvis ML enables companies to deploy a revenue generating intelligence engine to their businesses and products within minutes. Jarvis ML was founded in 2021 by Rakesh Yadav, who led the Machine Learning Operations platform development for Google Ads and Payments. Jarvis ML's team has more than 50+ years of combined machine learning experience and is funded by Dell Technologies Capital, SHAKTI and more than a dozen veteran Silicon Valley technologists and business leaders.

The Business Development team partners with company leadership to plan, execute and analyze outbound marketing campaigns, as well as to manage client engagements and relationships. The role will require creativity, curiosity, resilience, impeccable attention to detail, and a sense of humor.


- You have a Bachelors degree

- You are exceptionally smart

- You are the type of person that finds a way to “get it done”

- You thrive in a fast-paced environment

- You have strong organizational skills and do not drop the ball

- You respect and adhere to deadlines

- You understand how to ask questions and form an intelligent opinion on complicated unfamiliar topics

- You’ve achieved excellence and want to achieve it again

- Your internal compass understands how business works and can prioritize accordingly

- You have a passion for entrepreneurship and are ready to work HARD to learn more about it

- You are an excellent communicator - both written and oral

- You are comfortable presenting complex topics to strangers

- You have held leadership roles that required other people to stretch their limits because you said so

- You are a team player and work well with others

- You are brutally honest


- You have done sales work at a startup before

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CEO of Aidaptive
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Aidaptive is a provider of an e-commerce AI platform for emerging, growth-stage, and enterprise level. Rakesh Yadav founded Aidaptive after 14 years of experience building the Machine Learning Operations platform behind Google Ads and Payments.

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September 5, 2023

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