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Engineering Manager (Remote-US)

About Snap! Mobile, Inc: 


Snap! Mobile has been proudly supporting programs around the country with simple and dependable services since 2014. Snap! Raise has brought in over $700 million dollars for over 100,000 groups and teams through over 12.5 million participants and donors. In addition to the Snap! Raise fundraising platform, Snap! Mobile further supports schools, groups, and teams with its other brands Snap! Spend (money management tools), Snap! Store (spirit wear), and Snap! Manage (integrated scheduling, communication, and registration platform).

About Us

Our applications are built primarily using Node.js, TypeScript (Vue.js), and Postgres, with some legacy systems on Ruby on Rails, Python, and MySQL (RDS)We utilize AWS and deploy to production on average 10 times per day. We are focused on Continuous Delivery and CI/CD pipelines. We value being agile over doing "Agile."

This is a Full-Time, Remote position.

Our Team 

  • We prioritize action through transparency, and expediency - we are lean and put focus on outcome over process (process exists, we just don’t do things for the sake of it).
  • We support and help one another to achieve our goals - we love pair programming. 
  • We acknowledge that innovation can come from anyone - we value curiosity, creativity, courage, and playfulness. 
  • Our motivation stems from having clarity of work and autonomy. 
  • We are a very mission driven company and believe that we need to champion the champions to help the next generation. 
  • Constructive feedback, giving kudos for work well done, and encouraging one another helps us grow. 
  • We are domain driven, domain focused, and domain structured. 
  • We take ownership in the full lifecycle of our work: discovery, development, quality control, release, and post launch maintenance. 
  • Continuous Delivery allows us to move fast; Cool down sprints allow us to breathe.

About you

This role necessitates a technical leader who can help the teams deliver quality through clarifying goals, coaching, technical support, and hands-on work. 

  • You love what you do.
  • You're passionate about helping others and empowering them to do their best.
  • You are a mentor and a leader.
  • You’re a software engineer with years of experience and a deep understanding of systems engineering or software engineering practices.
  • You are a problem solver with a passion for simple, clean, and maintainable solutions.
  • You're comfortable with change and ambiguity

Here’s how you will make an impact.

Collaborate and Communicate

  • Connect the dots and see the big picture.
  • Make sure Engineers understand ‘The Why’.
  • Act as a liaison between departments and teams.
  • Communicate a clear and consistent technology vision.
  • Support the Product Team with technical insight.
  • Ensure Engineering Roadmap is factored into Product Roadmaps.
  • Commit to roadmaps.
  • Clearly prioritize your work and your team’s work. Break down commitments into clear objectives.
  • Be responsive.

Lead through example.

  • Motivate and inspire.
  • Be accountable and hold other teams accountable. 
  • Maintain a positive and respectful culture.
  • Hire and retain strong engineers. Support their personal development.
  • Be Present in meetings.
  • Be aware of your teams mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Know your product inside out. Be able to explain how it works.
  • Take responsibility and share learnings.
  • Celebrate the wins: Big and small.


  • Maintain accurate architecture diagrams and documentation.
  • Partner with your Engineers to design key features.
  • Use your experience to align engineers with technical best practices, security compliance, and industry standards.
  • Proactively identify and remove blockers, clearing the way for your teams to move forward.
  • Uphold our coding guidelines.
  • Focus on quality.
  • Ensure the adoption of shared services.
  • Connect team members with appropriate resources.
  • Coordinate with product and support teams to address bug fixes and release code. 

Compensation depends on level of experience. Ranging between $150- $175K. 

Snap! Mobile is proud to offer the following benefits:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision    
  • 401K with a 4% match from the company    
  • 13 paid holidays   
  • Unlimited PTO


Snap! Mobile provides digital banking and financial management solution for all youth programs and leaders.

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March 20, 2023

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