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Product Engineer Internship


Vision and Product

Partiful's mission is to cultivate friendships through social events.

We believe parties (and other social events) are the most effective way to meet new people and make friends. We want to make it easier to plan these events and coordinate with groups, creating more opportunities for meaningful connection.

Our product helps you throw incredible parties and meet new people, starting with memorable party pages that make it easy to plan & communicate with guests. (Create a party page to see how it works.) We're building new ways to streamline planning, connect meaningfully in the real world, and make connections between friends-of-friends.

Our ultimate vision is to power everything you do in the real world with your friends, eliminating the friction of bringing your most memorable experiences to life.

We were recently featured in:

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

The Atlantic

Modern Retail

Mashable (who called us one of the top 10 trends that changed the internet in 2022)


We are offering a Product Engineering internship in New York City for Summer 2024!

In this role you will:

- Build end-to-end features across our web app (React, Node.js, Typescript) and mobile app (React Native)

- Ship technical improvements to scale performance, speed, and stability

- Suggest improvements to our product and processes

- Help to prioritize features and projects based on data, user feedback, and company goals

- Scope features and projects, including writing product requirements documents and technical design documents

- Meet with users to get product signal and feedback

- Work closely with our designers to craft thoughtful UX/UI

- Collaborate with our Community team to learn how our product is being used

- Own large product surface areas as you grow

- Get invited to exclusive parties 🎉

It's an amazing opportunity because:

- You’ll be partnered with an amazing mentor to help you grow and navigate the role - they will provide hands-on support, advice, and general guidance throughout the summer.

- You’ll be responsible for making both product and engineering decisions, and work across the entirety of the stack.

- You’ll get exposure to (and contribute to) functions across the entire company, beyond just your project and team.

More about Partiful:

- Our company is backed by top-tier VCs as well as incredible angels.

- We're advised by the founders of some of the most successful consumer social products ever made.

- Our team backgrounds include Facebook, Snapchat, Lyft, Google, Palantir, Princeton, Brown, MIT, Harvard and Stanford.

- The founders have both worked at multiple startups that exited and/or achieved a multi-billion+ valuation.

We're NYC- and LA-based with a hybrid in-person model, in the office 3 days a week. This internship is based in NYC, and will last 10-12 weeks depending on your schedule.

Ideal Candidate

You’re likely a good fit if you:

- Are currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and in your penultimate year of study

- Are strongly considering joining a startup full-time after you graduate

- Have interned at a high-growth startup and a big tech company

- Have strong product chops — you’re better than most people at thinking through the purpose of why products, features, and specific UX choices are made

- Are empathetic — you have solid intuitions around user needs, and you focus on understanding people as much as technology

- Learn fast — you seek out feedback, reflect on your own areas for improvement, and don’t make the same mistake twice

- Are detail-oriented — you write clean code and think through the technical implications and edge cases of what you’re building

- Move quickly — you’ve got good time management skills, work with urgency, and know when to ask for help

It’s a nice-to-have if you:

- Are proficient in TypeScript/React, React Native

- Have experience building features end-to-end

- Love planning parties or other social events 🥳


Please apply here or via AngelList, and include a note on what's got you excited about Partiful.

We're an equal-opportunity employer and strongly encourage applicants from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

We're proud to be a team of majority women and/or people of color. Diversity and inclusion aren't just lip service to us -- we walk the walk, hold ourselves accountable, and actively work to bring new perspectives to the table.


Partiful's mission is to cultivate real-world relationships by making it incredibly frictionless to gather people.

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October 10, 2023

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