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Software Engineer Intern/Co-op (Winter 2024)


Who are we?

We’re a small, diverse team working at the cutting edge of machine learning. At Cohere, our mission is to build machines that understand the world and to make them safely accessible to all. Language is at the crux of this, but it can be difficult and expensive to parse the syntax, semantics, and context that all work together to give words meaning. The Cohere platform provides access to Large Language Models through its APIs that read billions of web pages and learns to understand the meaning, sentiment, and intent of the words we use in a richness never seen before. 

We've recently raised our Series C, and we are focused on bringing our technology to market. We will partner with customers so they can build natural language understanding and generation into their products with just a few lines of code.

We’re ambitious — we believe our technology will fundamentally transform how industries interact with natural language. And we have the technical chops to back it up - Cohere’s CEO, Aidan Gomez, is a co-author of the groundbreaking paper “Attention is all you need”, and was previously part of Google Brain. Our entire technical team is world-class. 

We are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment so that all of our team members can thrive. We welcome kind and brilliant people to our team, from wherever they come.

Why this role?

This role is for students who are excited about building the next generation of machine learning models and NLP products. Our SWE roles can cover creating datasets for machine learning, scaling the pods to serve our API, or even building out new security features on our platform. We don't distinguish much between interns and full-time employees, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to push code to production. You'll have full autonomy and ownership over high-impact work, and will be backed by the support of an incredible team or leaders & mentors. Join us at a pivotal moment, shape what we build, and wear multiple hats!

We're currently hiring for multiple teams and roles, including Frontend, Backend, Full-stack, and Infrastructure roles. We'll take your interests & experience into account throughout the application process.

Please Note: To be eligible for this position, you should be currently enrolled in a post-secondary program and available for a full-time 3-6 month internship, co-op, or research work term (January - April). We have offices in Toronto, Palo Alto, and London but embrace being remote-first! There are no restrictions on where you can be located for this role.

As a Software Engineering Intern, you will:

  • Ship delightful experiences for our user-facing products, meticulously crafting code for browsers or server code
  • Build features for the API platform that directly impact users
  • Design and implement robust data pipelines (crawlers, storage, filters)
  • Design and implement scalable services or infrastructure for machine learning development
  • Build internal tooling (CI/CD, dev utilities) to move faster together
  • Build tech writing skills through maintaining and contributing to technical documentation, both internal and external facing
  • Keep up with the cutting edge and adopt new technologies to improve performance and reliability across Cohere

If some of the above doesn’t line up perfectly with your experience, we still encourage you to apply! If you consider yourself a thoughtful worker, a lifelong learner, and a kind and playful team member, Cohere is the place for you.

We value and celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive work environment for all. We welcome applicants of all kinds and are committed to providing an equal opportunity process. Cohere provides accessibility accommodations during the recruitment process. Should you require any accommodation, please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Our Perks:

🤝 An open and inclusive culture and work environment 

🧑‍💻 Work closely with a team on the cutting edge of AI research 

🍽 Free daily lunch 

🦷 Full health and dental benefits, including a separate budget to take care of your mental health 

🎨 Personal enrichment benefits towards arts and culture, fitness and well-being

🏙 Remote-flexible, offices in Toronto, Palo Alto, and London and coworking stipend

✈️ Paid vacation

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Cohere, founded by AI pioneers, offers a leading enterprise AI platform that combines ease-of-use, data privacy, and unparalleled flexibility with its cloud-agnostic and API-accessible services,

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Software Engineering
September 26, 2023

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