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Website Coder/Designer

Looking for an opportunity to combine your passion for marketing, artistry, and technology? At Spectrum, we’re looking for Digital Designers who want just that—to learn all about our cutting-edge machine learning software tools and top tier marketing solutions and help us to share that story and those products with the world. So, if you’re looking to grow yourself on a fast-paced, creative, and diverse team, please read on.


As a Digital Designer at Spectrum you will act as a creative for our internal marketing department by taking on the following responsibilities:

  • Produce the design for Spectrum product graphics, print materials, various PowerPoint, Prezi, and general sales presentations, and more
  • Work with our video focused creatives to build animated graphics and other digital assets to enhance their projects
  • Support the sales team by ideating and design mockups to present unique Spectrum solutions to potential new clients
  • Work with content developers and technical writers to acquire the right copy for the right digital assets and design projects
  • Learn and uphold the proper brand image for our products and services ultimately ensuring consistency of those brands across different digital touch points
  • Utilize data and insights to better inform our design decisions
  • Work alongside other designers, production experts, web developers, and creative professionals to develop lasting solutions for Spectrum clients
  • Learn about the UX research process and how it influences digital design

Some Characteristics That Define You

As a Digital Designer, you know that your job is much more than graphic design. You are an artist, a marketing specialist, a tech-savvy creative, and multitude of other things which make you the stellar digital designer that you are. As such, here are just a few traits that define our Marketing Creative focused Digital Designers here at Spectrum:

  • Artist. Creating websites isn’t just about functionality for us, it’s about making a unique work of art that represents each different client and each different project that we work on. The keyboard is our brush and our clients are your canvas.
  • Detail-Oriented. White space and themed projects are some of our best friends in the design and development department. We love to see a site come perfectly together and we know you hate to see tiny details and bad Photoshop jobs ruin a beautiful project.
  • Student. At Spectrum, we build and distribute many different complex software products. As such, you should constantly be asking questions and engaging with our team members to learn about our products so you can better understand and build a design language around them.
  • Design Strategist. Finding new creative ways to share our value proposition with our customer base can be challenging. That’s why you are always helping to ideate new presentations and new mediums for our brand messaging to support both our sales team and our marketing team.
  • Business-Savvy Marketer. Beyond the wicked creative skills you bring to the table, we also want you to consider the business implications of our products and services. From the ways our team will use them to how our clients and their customers will interact with our sites, we always want you to keep the user and the business application in mind.

Required Skills and Experience

On top of the many intangible skills you bring to the table, there are many skills that can help improve the efficiencies and success of your work at Spectrum. Here are a few of those required skills and experience that you will come in with as a Digital Designer on our team:

  • A bachelor’s degree in digital design, graphic design, marketing, communications, computer science or related field.
  • 1-2 years of graphic design experience
  • Artistic savvy and acute eye for detail
  • Expert level knowledge and firsthand experience with Adobe Creative Suite specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects
  • Expert level knowledge and experience with PowerPoint
  • Some experience with HTML and CSS preferred


Being the dynamite Digital Designer that you are, we understand that in order to get the creative juices flowing you need a good work-life-play balance. To make sure that’s possible this full-time position comes with a highly competitive salary and unparalleled benefits including:

  • Comprehensive medical & dental insurance
  • Retirement planning & company matching
  • Generous PTO, including sick days & holidays
  • Remote working and hybrid setup
  • Year-round gym memberships
  • Paid continuing education
  • Flexible scheduling

About Spectrum

For the past 25+ years, our mission at Spectrum has always been the same— growth. Whether that be helping our customers find quality new business, developing and challenging our team members, or evolving our products and services with advancements in technology and best practices, we have always been looking towards bettering ourselves for the future. Now as we continue to grow, we find ourselves as not only the nation’s leading digital marketing and software provider for the home services industry, but an innovator and ground-shaker for the world of artificial intelligence as well. From marketing automation software powered by AI, to top notch digital marketing services via those same AI insights, we love what we do and are excited to continue to innovate for the future together.


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CEO of Spectrum Communications and Consulting
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Our company mission is simple—steady and consistent growth. At Spectrum, we strive to grow our clients’ businesses, grow our software, and grow the unique careers of our talented team members.

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August 6, 2023

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