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Event Marketing Coordinator

About Freshpaint

Customer data is the fuel that drives all modern businesses. From product analytics, to marketing, to support, to advertising, advanced data analysis in the warehouse, and even sales – customer data is the raw material for each function at a modern business.

For highly regulated businesses in healthcare, it’s always been a challenge to harness that customer data and get it to the marketing and analytics tools that require it while following patient privacy laws….until now.

Something as simple as running ads to get more users is simple for an e-commerce of software company to do. But common web analytics and advertising tools collect sensitive user identifiers and healthcare information automatically. Those same tools are not HIPAA compliant.

We provide a layer of data governance to make current web analytics tools HIPAA-compliant. For analytics, our customers can continue getting the insights they need to improve the patient experience. For marketing, Freshpaint safeguards health information while helping our customers promote access to care through popular advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, and others.

In short, we help healthcare marketers promote access to care and safeguard patient privacy at the same time. This is an important, complex problem in a massive market (healthcare is 20% of the US GDP).

Our customers manage their customer data with two offerings:

  1. Privacy Platform. We help healthcare providers automate their website’s + app’s HIPAA compliance, and safeguard first-party customer data across their tech stack.

  2. Data Activation Platform. We make it really easy for teams to activate customer data using their preferred analytics, data, and marketing tools.

We’re fully remote. If you strongly value in-person work, Freshpaint is likely not the best fit for you. Even though we don’t care where you’re located, we need employees to be based in the US. Many of our team is concentrated in various metro areas like SF or NYC.

To balance out our remote-ness, we gather the team 2-4 times per year for offsites. We’ve been to Greece, Jackson Hole, Cabo, Santa Fe, and California wine country in the recent past.

We’re backed by leading investors including Y-Combinator, Intel Capital, and angel investors like the Head of Data from Slack, Head of Data at LinkedIn, and more.

Who we are:

Freshpaint was founded by web analytics veterans who realized how hard it was for highly regulated companies to collect and use customer data in a compliant way. We started as part of Y Combinator’s S19 cohort and have been focused on enabling healthcare companies collect, safeguard, and activate patient data since.

In the beginning of 2023 the government issued updated guidance around HIPAA, basically making our software a requirement to use for healthcare companies. As a result, we're one of the fastest growing software companies on earth right now.

Our team has deep analytics and growth experience, with all of us coming from high-growth companies like Heap, Pendo, Iterable, Quantum Metric, and Retool.

If you value lots of freedom and ownership in your work, interfacing with customers, and working on a product with high customer impact, then Freshpaint is your home.

About Freshpaint’s Event Program

At Freshpaint, we are passionate about healthcare marketing through innovation, collaboration, and shared learning. Our events serve as catalysts for industry transformation, bringing together healthcare marketers from across the country to exchange ideas, explore new trends, and shape the future of healthcare marketing.

The job 

As the Event Marketing Coordinator, you will be an integral part of Freshpaint's events team, responsible for supporting the planning and execution of our events calendar. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to ensure the success of our events and contribute to our overall event marketing strategy. In particular, you will play a key role in expanding our Roadshow: Freshpaint LIVE, doubling its impact in 2024 and delivering compelling experiences that engage our target audience, generate leads, connect us with our customers, and elevate our brand.

What you'll do

  • Support cross-functional teams in planning and executing Freshpaint's events calendar, with a focus on expanding the Freshpaint LIVE Roadshow..

  • Assist with site selection, contract negotiation, and onsite logistics for Freshpaint owned  events and industry conferences, ensuring smooth operations and positive attendee experiences.

  • Assist with managing event logistics for Freshpaint's overall events calendar, including webinars, roadshows, and flagship conferences. This includes booth setup, staff coordination, working with third party vendors, and travel arrangements.

  • Contribute to pre-event recruitment efforts to drive attendance and engagement, and assist in post-event analysis to evaluate success and identify areas for improvement.

Requirements - what you'll bring:

  • 3+ years of hands-on event marketing and end-to-end event management at B2B SaaS brands.

  • Impeccable project management skills, with the ability to plan, prioritize, and execute multiple initiatives simultaneously.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships with internal teams, external partners, and customers.

  • You obsess over the details. Execution is a must. Moving fast is mandatory.

  • Travel to 1-2 events per month to oversee on-site execution and ensure all attendees receive a best-in-class experience.

Benefits - what we offer in return:

  • Joining a high-growth venture-backed startup as part of the early crew. You will be employee #50-60ish.

  • Competitive compensation with generous, employee-friendly equity. We have a 10-year exercise window.

  • Freshpaint Fridays: Half-day Fridays. Every week.

  • Unlimited PTO, with a minimum requirement of 2 weeks per year. Plus various observed holidays.

  • 100% remote

  • Flex in-office if you want with $150 WeWork credits each month

  • 401k

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance 100% covered by the company (some states it’s 99% because laws).

  • Mental health benefits - therapy appointments and more covered by the company

  • 2 Treat Yourself Days per year: We'll pay you $100 to take a day off and do whatever makes you happy. The only catch is you have to share what you did with the rest of the team.

  • Generous parental leave

  • Paid Spotify

  • Health & Wellness benefit – gym membership or similar covered

  • Regular team offsites 2-4 times per year. We’ve been to Greece, Jackson Hole, Cabo, Santa Fe, California wine country, and Mexico City in the recent past.

  • Ownership of your work, collaboration with a close team, and direct access to founders and what it’s like to build a startup. If you leave to start your own company, we'd love to be your first angel investors.

If you are interested in reading more about our team and our values, check out our team page.

Interested? How to apply

Please reach out even if you don’t meet all criteria! If you’re smart and driven, we’d love to hear from you.

What happens after you apply

If you apply online, you will hear back if you're a fit within a week or two. You will not hear back if you're not a fit (or the position gets filled before we have a chance to chat). We look at everything, we promise.

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Help our customers deliver exceptional products and experiences to their customers. We build the customer data infrastructure that helps data teams focus on high-leverage work, product managers make informed decisions, and marketing teams deliver ...

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